What is a Google Featured Snippet?

What is a Google featured snippet in search
Google Featured Snippets in  Search

Learn about featured snippets.
What is a Featured Snippet in Search?
  • Google’s featured snippets provide relevant, instant answers to user queries right in a search engine results page. 
  • They appear in a highlighted block at the top of a results page when users perform a search. 
  • The featured snippet block includes: an answer summary extracted from a web page, a link to the page, the page title, and URL (website address). 

    What does a featured snippet look like?

    A featured snippet might look something like this on the search engine results page (SERP):
    Featured snippet in search results
    Featured Snippet (Image Source: Google)

      Where does the answer summary come from?

      It is extracted algorithmically directly from your web page. 

      Here are some more facts about featured snippets:

      • A website can appear in multiple featured snippets.
      • They change according what Google determines is the most useful answer to a user query.
      • Google featured snippets are algorithmically determined and you cannot pay for them.

      Why does Google answers to user questions directly on the SERP?

      Featured snippets are enhanced to draw attention to concise answers directly on the results page. 

      Google does this so that user don't have to click through to a specific page in order to find a useful answer to their question.

      Can I pay for a featured snippet?

      No. Google algorithmically determines if a page answers a user question that can be displayed as a featured snippet. You can, however pay for ads in search results pages with Google Ads.

      Why does Google display some answers as featured snippets and not others?

      According to Google, which user questions are answered as featured snippets are not manually selected, they are algorithmically determined.

      How Can I Get a Google Featured Snippet?

      In order to optimize your content to improve your chances of winning featured snippets read How to Get Featured Snippets in 5 Steps.

      Why are featured snippets so important?


      1. Crowded SERP

      In order to provide a better user search experience, Google has been adding more information on search results pages above organic results, including the #1 result, making organic search results less likely to receive click-through traffic.

      2. Authority

      A featured snippet shows users that Google chose your page as the most relevant to user queries.

      3. More Traffic

      Featured snippets rank #0, above the #1 organic search result, this results in upwards of 20-30% more traffic.

      How does a featured snippet affect CTR and traffic?

      Since featured snippets came out, many experts have analyzed how they affect traffic and click-through-rates (CTR). 

      While some websites, report increased traffic, others may experience decreased traffic.


      Featured snippets are meant to help users find information directly on search engine results pages. So their audience isn’t users who will click through to a website for more information. 

      Whether featured snippets are good for traffic depends on the type of content that is displayed.


      Google featured snippets = more traffic 😉

      Google wants to serve the best answers to people, quickly. 

      Featured snippets are an opportunity because they give low‐ranking pages a chance to get to the top of search results.


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