Annuity Lead-Gen: 4 Simple Steps To Master Email Lead Generation Right Now

Eye, Blue Eye, Iris, Pupil, Face, Close Up, LidWhat is Email annuity lead Generation?

Email annuity lead generation is the process of collecting email addresses via online annuity lead capture forms.

Email marketing is an easier way of getting in touch with your annuity leads and "nurturing" them.

A good email annuity lead generation strategy is highly targeted.

Typically, email annuity lead generation campaigns involve the following steps:
  • Create quality content to promote your business on blogss and social media
  • Impress your visitors with content that encourages them to give you their email address.
  • Use of a lead magnet to increase conversions.
  • Drip  your prospects regular, relevant emails.

But how do you get email annuity leads and convert them?

How to get annuity leads through email

Let’s take a look at how you can get more annuity leads:

1. Exit Pop-ups

One of the reasons you’re not getting enough annuity leads is that you’re not asking your visitors for their contact information at the right time.

But what is the right time to ask site visitors for their contact information?

One such opportunity would be at the end of your content after you’ve provided visitors with some value. They’re more likely to convert to subscribers after you’ve satisfied their needs.

If you trigger an exit pop-up when your leave your site, you can increase your conversion rate.

Essentially, when people are about to close their browser or leave, a pop-up will appear and prompt them to enter their email.

OptinMonster is a great tool exit pop-ups.

2. Track Your Competition

Now, this may seem like a trivial point but nonetheless, it’s important. There’s some valuable insights that can be gained on creating email annuity leads by keeping tabs on your competition.

You can even draw inspiration from other companies in adjacent industries.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I suggesting that you should outright copy others. But it doesn’t hurt to know what they’re up to.

For example, if your competitor is offering a whitepaper as a annuity lead magnet, can you do them one better?

Good alternatives would be an ebook or perhaps a video course talking about your product or how people can leverage it.

So, what should monitor? Keep an eye on their visual elements, social media activity, copywriting, design, landing pages, and other aspects of their annuity lead generation strategies.

3. Run Email Drip Campaigns

Think of email drip campaigns as a gardening project. You need to nurture your plants before reaping any vegetables, fruit, or herbs.

The same principle applies here. No email annuity lead capture strategy starts and ends with a landing page. You need to strategically nurture each email annuity lead to convert them into a sale.

Basically, an email drip campaign is a series of emails you send your prospects. You could send them one each week or one daily. Experiment with your schedule to see what works for your audience.

You want them to look forward to your emails in their inboxes every week.

Building on what we’ve just discussed regarding gated content, you should also consider having a gated homepage. Your homepage is not only the most visited page but also the most authoritative one on your website. You can leverage it to get more email annuity leads.

It can be used to welcome visitors right away by offering free content.

You’re likely to grab more email annuity leads that way.

Often, they include a subscriber form as well. A visually appealing subscribe box can work wonders for your email annuity lead-gen.

You could als use a sticky top bar for the same purpose. It’s simple, noticeable, and scrolls with the page so your readers are always aware of its presence.

It really does help with your conversions. Tools like Hello Bar can help set this up.

Another easy and effective way to attract email annuity leads is to slide into their attention. It’s also one of the more subtler ways to do so.

Once a reader has scrolled through a certain fraction of your page, a subscribe box can slide into view from the bottom corner. The effect is gentle and eye-catching.

Tools like MailOptin can help you set this up.

You should tell your social media followers about it in your posts as well.

Direct them to the landing page on your website via your Facebook page. Your posts could be as simple as the title of your post, an image, and a link to it.

You can also use social media ads to promote your gated content to your target customers. I recommend opting for an ad on the right column that clicks through to your landing page.

The targeting capabilities on tools like Facebook and Instagram are an easy way to connect with highly targeted markets. You could go so far as targeting people who follow your competitors or other pages that offer content similar to your own.

It’s also helpful that you can keep track of the number of people clicking through your ads.

4. Score Your annuity leads

As I’m sure you’re aware, annuity lead scoring helps you prioritize your existing annuity leads. While it doesn’t directly help you garner any new email annuity leads, it can save you a lot of time and effort.

That’s because if a annuity lead isn’t qualified, chances are they aren’t interested in hearing what you're selling.

You want your content to reach the right people.

annuity lead scoring and qualifying will help you predict which of your prospects are likely to convert into customers. Once you have this information, it’s easier to divert your energies towards capturing them.

Here’s how:

Let’s say a annuity lead visits one of your product pages and looks over the specs, photos, reviews, and demo videos but doesn’t take any action. At that juncture, you should use an exit pop-up that offers them a discount to tempt them into purchasing.

After submitting their details, they’ll receive a discount code they can use to make the purchase and you get their information. Using such events to trigger pop-ups can increase your email annuity lead capture.

And when we talk about automation, I’m not talking about using templates.

You can send prospects different kinds of emails depending on the stage of the annuity lead generation funnel they are in.

For instance, you might want to share unique industry insights with people who are still learning about your product. Offer discounts or incentives to those who have viewed your offer and who are teetering on the edge of making the final purchase decision.

You can use software to automatically send particular emails to certain segments of your prospects based on your funnel.

Test different copy, images, and other email elements to figure out what works best. The key is figuring out which triggers to use to decide which email needs to be sent out.

Here are some example triggers you can use:

  • Signed up for your newsletter
  • Registered for your webinar
  • Bought a product
  • Subscribed to a service
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Tactics


Not all businesses and websites are the same. What works for one may not for another.

Finding the right email annuity lead-gen strategy is an experimental process. Try different things and monitor your campaign conversion rates. Then repeat what works. And keep testing new campaigns.


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