Passive Lead Generation - 3 Ways To Generate LinkedIn Leads

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In order to get anything out of LinkedIn, you need to be super invested:

3 practical actions that will save you time and generate leads on LinkedIn
Write Posts,
Join Groups,
Publish Videos,
Connect some more,…
It’s time-consuming.

Following are 3 actions that can be automated, consistently generating visits and new leads.

1. Automatically Visit LinkedIn Profiles

You’ve seen a thousand times these LinkedIn notifications:
Steve Jobs visited your profile
Well maybe not this one, but you get the idea.
And the fact is that they keep being kind of... intriguing.
So are you likely to do: go to your visitors’ profile.
And, if that person’s interesting, you send them an invitation to connect.
And if he or she is really interesting, you might even send them a note with it.

So how about visiting 100’s of profiles a day?

The bad news:
It’s time-consuming and has a low probability of success.
The good news:
It can be automated.
Other good news:
- You can visit people you have no connections with.
- You can visit hundreds if not thousands of people per day.

So start building a list of prospects today.

They are many ways to extract interesting people out off GroupsSearches or Posts. And automate visits!

2. Automatically Endorse LinkedIn Skills

Endorsement feels good.
And when you endorse someone, chances are they’ll endorse you back.
So it’s win-win: You get attention. And you get endorsements.

So how about endorsing many people?

The first step is to create a list of people you want to endorse.
You can do that by extracting the results of a search.
For example, search for the name of your school or a specific company— first-degree connections only — and extract those people.
Tools can do that.
Then auto-endorse over the next weeks the first 3 most popular Skills of each of them.
Tools can also do that.
Easy 👌

3. Automatically Like LinkedIn Posts

Liking a Post is the simplest way to say: I care about you.
And whether you’re used to receiving 10k of these or 2 per day.

Receiving a Like feels good.

So how about you start Liking your connections’ Posts.
A LOT of them.
Spoiler alert: There are tools for that.
So start setting these up and don’t think about it anymore.

Now that you’ve freed yourself from what can be automated, focus on creating quality content to nurture your network. That’s where the real value is.


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