Instagram Growth Hacks: How to Get More Followers

instagram growth hacks

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(Brand New 2019 Instagram Algorithm)

Today we're gonna talk about Instagram growth hacking.

💸 This simple 4 step blueprint will get you followers.
Even if you're starting from scratch.

I want to be as concise and to the point as possible...


Let's cut the fluff and dive right in!

Step #1 - Market Research

Now the first step in this simple process it's actually the most important one.

It is market research.

And more specifically, researching your competitors and influencers with the goal of simply modeling success.

This first step and the most important element in this entire process.

How to Research Competitors & Influencers

This is extremely easy and really fast to do.

Let's use an example:

Say you're in the Fitness niche...

The first thing you're going to do in Instagram is put the keyword "fitness" in the Instagram search bar. 

Then you will just scroll and see which IG profiles and influencers come up first in the results. 

The tops results will have thousands or millions of followers.

What you want to do is write down every competitor and influencer in a Google spreadsheet.

Track the IG name (handle) and the number of followers the top accounts have in the spreadsheet. 

Average Engagement
Next, we'll look at their feed to see the average engagement they get for each post. 

Just scroll down a little bit so that we just take an approximate average of the number of likes their posts have received in the last two weeks or so.

Step #2 - Best Performing Posts 

We're going to write all that data down in a Google spreadsheet super organized and then we're gonna keep going and see the amount of competitors and influences we can collect from Instagram.

The reason why you want to research competitor's and influencer's best performing posts is because you want to know:

  • what is performing in that specific niche
  • in that specific industry
  • at that given moment


Because you simply want to model success.

So that you don't spend hours trying to figure out what kind of posts people engage with.

This effort at the beginning is gonna save you hours on backend.

And it's going to dramatically increase the likelihood of your account of blowing up.

When you find a BPP (image or video) that is performing and proven to work, just save it and keep scrolling through.

Any posts that are getting a lot of likes are defintely BPPs you want to model.

Now go to the next IG profile in the results from the earlier "fitness" keyword results. *You can also click on related accounts that IG suggests for you in this niche.

And repeat the process of saving posts that get a lot of likes (engagement).

Once you are satisfied with the amount of posts and content that you have, you are ready to start posting.

You not have a library of content that is proven to perform extremely well, and went viral in the past.

Step #3 - Consistency

Now that we just saved from the competitors and the influences and what do we start posting.T

Consistency is really important.

Ideally you want to be posting multiple times a day:

Three to six times per day.

Because, the more you post, the more you grow.

It's simple math. 

Let's say for example you're posting once per day, and you're getting five thousand impressions on

your account...

If you just start posting four times a day, you're gonna get twenty thousand impressions per day on your account just by posting more.

That means that throughout the month you're gonna get six hundred thousand impressions with the possibility of going over a million.

And this is without you changing anything else. And not doing anything else.

So again, make sure you are consistent with your posting.

Pages that grow quickly generally post multiple times a day, which allows them to reach a major major global audience
Now that we've finished with consistency which is step number three.

Let's go into step number four which will quickly trigger the Instagram algorithm and make it work for you rather than against you.

Step #4 - Networking

Instagram is called social media for a reason. You gotta be social.

This will actually help you boost followers and grow exponentially faster.

So, remember the competitors and influencer you researched in the first step?

You're going to reach out to them and find ways that you can provide value and collaborate with them you.

The Instagram algorithm is all based around engagement.

So our job is to gamify the engagement to make sure the Instagram algorithm works for us rather than against us.

Watch the video below (skip to 16:07) for how to get started with Instagram engagement groups 👇:
And these are the four steps to hacking Instagram growth.

Remember that Instagram is continually evolving. 


more followers = (MORE) traffic 
Do your site a favor. Start growing your Instagram.

Here are some more IG posting tips worth using on your account:


The Instagram algorithm continues to evolve, hashtags will always be crucial to growing  followers. 
  • Hashtags give you a way to help relevant people find your content. 
  • To make the most out of them, you’ll need to use a combination of popular and trending tags, 
  • along with unique branded hashtags that can begin to build a name for your company. 
  • Don’t use more than 30 hashtags
Visual are important on IG but captions are also super important to your success! 

Here are some great ideas on captions for your images [READ: Instagram Selfie Captions: 490+ Perfect Ideas for Increased Engagement]

#Insta Updates
Explore the latest IG features.  For example IGTV is Instagram’s new long-form video service, ideal for people who want to connect with their followers on the next level.

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