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What FeaturedSnippets is all about

Hi! I'm Gina Elizabeth and this is the place where I nerd out about Google featured snippets and blogging SEO.

As an avid new blogger I love sharing all the things I learn about growing a blog as I go.

Thanks for visiting!

I’ve set up this website to support my pizza habit while writing about something I am passionate about.

My aim is to pass on some tips and advice that I have picked up blogging and offer it to you in the form of helpful content.

* I place Google Ads on this site to generate some coin which makes it possible to keep this site moving and grooving. They’re not there to brass you off but rather as a necessity, so thanks for understanding.

All of the links & products I recommend on this site are trustworthy and reliable, otherwise, I wouldn’t put them up. If for some reason you do have problems with any of them please email me at bloggerlaunch@gmail.com so I can contact the company, and if necessary remove the link.

I really do hope you enjoy what I’ve put together here. If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or compliments – fire ’em through! I would love to know how I can improve this site.

And if you really have enjoyed browsing through it, please tell me – or better yet Pin me to show your support. 🍕
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